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Nyheter og nye produkter

Pharmavita siste nyhetene og nye Calivita produkter

D-drops – CaliVita®’s new miracle vitamin

Very little sunlight. The sun shines mainly above the clouds. Therefore, it also doesn’t warm anything. It is cold and dark. Or is it simply winter? From October to April our skin hardly produces vitamin D. And if during months with sunshine we protect our skin properly against the much talked about skin cancer, or simply sit too much in the office, our body is not able to be supplied with adequate amounts of vitamin D.

Treasures of Untouched Nature: The juice of the organic noni fruit

Organic Noni
provides the body of valuable nutrients, such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and a very important proxeronine. Noni fruit included in the product comes from the organic farms and therefore must comply with rigorous criteria for organic production. In addition, organic production does not pollute the soil and water, and the producted fruit are tastier and richer in nutrients.
Follow the trends, be eco!

What's the secret of BEAUTY FORMULA? Why is it the best choice for you?

Being a star is a dream of every little girl. Most of us would like to improve their figure, the hair and the appearance and condition of the skin.

Today, the dream of a beautiful skin, strong nails and shiny hair can come true ... With the Beauty Formula You will bring out your own beauty and you will feel more self-confident! It's all thanks to the unique composition of the Beauty Formula.

Enjoy a carefree vacation

There are many people who all year round, only wait for summer to arrive.
The lucky ones may enjoy two weeks of vacation at a stretch, when they have nothing to do but rest and enjoy sunny weather. At such times we tend to forget about the dangers lurking, which may ruin our much anticipated relaxation.

Xantho Plus Fruit of Gods

Have you ever wondered how much of each day we are exposed to the harmful effects of smog, chemicals, stress, cigarette smoke, UV radiation, ionizing radiation, ozone ... that negatively affect our health?

CaliVita ® International expands its offer with a new product, which contains valuable mangosteen fruit called fruit of gods and other natural ingredients with powerful antioxidant effect. Xantho PLUS is a formula containing a complex of antioxidants that work synergistically to provide protection against free radicals.

What can Xantho PLUS offer you?

The new products of 2012 in focus

This year has brought several new products to customers of CaliVita. Up until now we have placed more emphasis on offering more effective and up-to-date versions of our old, popular formulas. This year though we have introduced a brand new product which hopefully will soon become a popular member of our range of products.

Why is it important to remove toxins from the body?

Every day we are exposed to a variety of toxic effects, both from external and
internal sources. Effective detoxification involves changes in diet and lifestyle. Eliminate sugar, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and unnecessary use of chemicals, minimizes toxins. Drinking large amounts of water, increasing the amount of fiber and to include more fruits and vegetables in the diet and also the use of natural supplements are the basic steps in the process of detoxification.

Why do we gain weight?

The most common reason for this is the excessive consumption of energy in relation to the needs of the body and too little physical activity
. Many people think that the diet reduces body weight concerns only the aesthetic. THIS IS A MISTAKE! More and more people are faced with the fact that the fundamental cause and the source of their health problems is excessive weight. Hypertension, degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system and metabolic disorders are clearly associated with obesity!
If you decide to fight the unnecessary pounds,  new CaliVita ® formula offers you the right help.

Natural Vitamins

Nowadays, many diseases have their roots in vitamin deficiency, so it is particularly important to provide adequate daily amounts of vitamins. However, there is never lack of a single vitamin in the body. Deficiencies always relate to several vitamins. Felt signs and symptoms are caused by the vitamin deficiencies, which are the most severe. Supplementing deficiencies of vitamins and minerals to the appropriate level, resulting in faster return to health. Natural vitamins in nature are present in fruits and vegetables. Therefore, good vitamin and mineral sets is practically concentrate of carefully selected plants rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other organic compounds.

Everyday stress

Nowadays, our lifestyle is dictated by ever-faster pace of life. Fulfillment of high expectations at work and at home, different kinds of conflicts, illness, injury, financial problems, pollution and many other factors, is the source of many everyday stress. The rapid advancement of technology and civilization made it presently man can not adapt to the changes caused by new challenges. Evolutionary adaptation did not prepare him for a new type of stress. It is no wonder that 80% of diseases are associated with the negative impact of stress on our bodies. Unfortunately, our diet full of processed and refined foods and so devoid of essential nutrients, it is not able to protect us against long-term stress. As a result, there are major social and medical problems of our time, the diseases of civilization: malignant tumors, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and depression.
In the recent years the interest of many research centers have become adaptogenic plants which help keep the body in a state of internal balance and when increased load situations motivate it to act.

How to imagine intestinal flora?

Our intestinal flora and its health gains more emphasis in everyday life. However, only a few people know that 70-80% of our immune system can be found in the intestinal tract.
So our intestinal system not only participates in digestion and elimination, but also in the functioning of the immune system.

SambuRex, the Elder Berry King

SambuRex, the Elder Berry King

CaliVita created the products sold in the CaliVita network in such a way that you could find adequate help for every challenge of life, be it stress management, diet or insomnia, or preparing for winter months. It is the latter demand that has brought to life SambuRex, a member of our product range, which may help you too to avoid inconveniences accompanying cool seasons.

With unsaturated fatty acids for a balanced diet

Due to the global obesity “pandemic” and the accompanying global desire to lose weight most people view fats as enemies, however it is important to know that just like proteins, fats are also indispensable for a healthy diet.

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